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Hurtigruten Svalbard AS trucked vehicle for demanding arctic terrain!

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Hurtigruten Svalbard AS has purchased a STV TL-5 to transport tourists in the challenging Arctic terrain of Svalbard. TL5 off-road vehicles is a brand new tracked vehicle with the same flexible size and high capacity as Hägglunds BV 206 but with modern comfort and ergonomics. The high performance is based on the combination of the well-proven and robust Hägglunds BV206 undercarriage with four-belt drive and an extremely low ground pressure combined with the efficient and modern driver environment and the Euro 6 driveline together with an Allison automatic transmission. The large traction in combination with the efficient power transmission provides exceptional accessibility regardless of terrain and surface. The engine’s high torque and low energy losses also give you a very good fuel economy. TL5’s size means that you can transport heavier and larger loads than any other similar vehicle while at the same time low ground pressure means that you maintain the flexibility and minimize impact on the ground. The rugged, spacious and well-insulated Crew cab with six chairs also makes it one of the world’s most comfortable off-road vehicles, both driving and riding.

STV launches the world’s first traction control system for the BV206

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The STV traction control system for the BV206 is designed to be retrofitted on all tracked vehicles without changing any components. The system is activated by the driver, and at spin, the spinning belt is braked in four steps with a braking torque up to 2200 Nm to transfer the torque to the side with better grip. 12 complete traction control systems have so far been delivered as aftermarket kit to customers’ existing tire trailers.

The front and rear differentials are monitored simultaneously and individually regulated for maximum grip. Brake discs with built-in tines for rotation sensors are mounted between differential and drive axles, the brakes are activated by hydraulic pressure from accumulators charged by a 24V hydraulic pump.

“The traction control system has been developed as required by Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB customers. The system is installed at, among other things, customers in extremely demanding steep terrain in the Himalayas, “says Lars Karlander, STV development manager.

STV now sells this traction control system as an aftermarket kit to customers who wish to improve accessibility, including other steep narrow passages.

Please read more about the product at

Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB finalized the latest edition of ISO 9001 and 14001

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ISO’s flagship of quality management and environmental systems standard has been approved through external audit. It proves that systematically working on improving quality and streamlining operations processes and reducing waste and energy works for the tracked vehicle manufacture. There is a great potential for efficiency and improving environmental performance when it comes to the new ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001

Forest fire leads to service and repairs

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The Swedish rescue services vehicles and equipment requires service and maintenance after the forest fires in the north of Sweden. Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB has carried out a change of engine and preventive maintenance for the Bodens Rescue Services BV206. Now the tracked vehicle is ready for new mission for fighting forest fires in Sweden!

Trucking magazine shows STV!

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Centerfold and four pages in Trucking Scandinavia magazine. The article shows the company, products, and why you need to get a tracked vehicle. Truckings reporter Tommy Harnesk visited STV on the 11:th of May for interviews, photos and a test drive. Read it in Trycking scandinavia number 12, 2017!