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Jim Wallström

STV launches the world’s first traction control system for the BV206

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The STV traction control system for the BV206 is designed to be retrofitted on all tracked vehicles without changing any components. The system is activated by the driver, and at spin, the spinning belt is braked in four steps with a braking torque up to 2200 Nm to transfer the torque to the side with better grip. 12 complete traction control systems have so far been delivered as aftermarket kit to customers’ existing tire trailers.

The front and rear differentials are monitored simultaneously and individually regulated for maximum grip. Brake discs with built-in tines for rotation sensors are mounted between differential and drive axles, the brakes are activated by hydraulic pressure from accumulators charged by a 24V hydraulic pump.

“The traction control system has been developed as required by Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB customers. The system is installed at, among other things, customers in extremely demanding steep terrain in the Himalayas, “says Lars Karlander, STV development manager.

STV now sells this traction control system as an aftermarket kit to customers who wish to improve accessibility, including other steep narrow passages.

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