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Company synonymous with quality

STV’s business area includes the manufacturing of new Tracked vehicles, upgrading of tracked vehicles, leasing of tracked vehicles and supply of accessories such as fixed trailer, cranes and load exchangers. STV designs and builds tracked vehicles for all operations where there is a need for off-road vehicles. The electric power industry, oil and gas, exploration, logistics, rescue services are just a few examples.

Some things are more important than others are. Also we produce vehicles for heat, electricity and other types of energy business for example. Or of growth-generating raw materials such as ore and metals. No need to mention effective healthcare which we care about very much, fire and rescue organizations to keep people safe regardless where we are.

Do you work in any of the areas mentioned energy / power industry, oil & gas, logistics, exploration, firefighting, emergency services etc business areas? It definitely pays you to look more closely at STV, Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles.

For several decades and constantly in close cooperation with BAE Systems Hägglunds, we bring business and competitive advantages to companies and organizations around the world. We do it through two products in absolute excellent quality. Partly our unique upgrade program MLI for Bv 206, and our equally unique newly manufactured vehicle TL6 based on BvS10.

When you choose one of our vehicles, it means you make a high quality and long-term choice. You get optimum reliability and accessibility. You get industry standard concept in everything from motors and gearboxes to hydraulics and cooling systems. You get a customized adaptation of accessories and bodywork. In addition, you will be in safe and guaranteed access to service and spare parts for decades ahead.

In short, with us you get solutions that are guaranteed at the same time, which will appear clear and proven in the future. Optimized specially for you to get the greatest benefit, day after day.

You are most welcome to STV!

Jim Wallström

Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles is a subsidiary of Storskogen Industrier AB. Storskogen Industrier is a Swedish industrial group, which acquires and develops small and medium-sized industrial companies.
The company come from as result of Berco Produktion AB being divided into two parts, where the terrain operations became a company under the name Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB.

The company started its operations in 2010, but already in the 1980s, accessories to BV206 were manufactured by Berco in close cooperation with BAE systems Hägglunds AB in Örnsköldsvik. Over the years, an upgrade program for Hägglund’s Bv 206 and its own civil-purpose vehicle has also been manufactured.

Even though the company is new, it always has its own passion for technology. A deep understanding of business as well as product development that brings together productivity, ergonomics and heavy environmental issues for cutting edge competitive advantages. That is how we look for the future!

Quality for us is the one and the main concept from the beginning to the end to meet the customers’ requirements. It is about improving and optimizing each step in process and every component from planning to production and being aware and responsive to market requirements.

We have developed a clear process for each step in the production Process, from order to delivery. As our focusing is on pure customer benefit, we constantly work to ensure the same high quality throughout the time – across education, follow-up and service. An unbroken quality assurance chain provides satisfied customers. This encourages us to make further improvements!

We are also have ISO 9001:2008.

We believe that the environmental aspect is a prerequisite for long-term profitability. Adhering to the environmental laws and keeping within the limits is quite natural, but in addition, we have actively chosen to involve the environmental work as a basic part of both development work and the production process.

All our entire business is characterized by taking responsibility, decisive leadership and open attitude to documenting and reporting the results of fulfilled environmental measures. It is characterized by efficiency in the utilization of energy and raw materials, in that way we produce offal in minimum. In addition, we focus on preventive measures to prevent emissions and other environmental impacts from our products, processes and transports. Environmental work and environmental considerations should be included as an integral part of the company’s daily work and to be considered in every decision at all levels of the organization. Our factory in Skellefteå has ISO 14001 certified.

We also assume that our subcontractors share our view of the environmental work. Engines specially designed for (tracked) systems, which both reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Hoses, filters and pumps optimized for environmentally friendly oils. It is about increased efficiency and lower emissions high technology and ecology!