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Quick oil change in wind turbines

We have cooperation with Energiservice Skellefteå developed a module for oil change in wind turbines. The old oil is drain down to a tank in the module and new, heated and filtered oil can be pumped up from the ground. The module can be pulled by a wheel loader or a tracked vehicle, for winter use the module can be equipped with skies.

Oil change module OBV4406 – A revolution for your wind turbine maintenance.

The OBV 4406 is especially designed to optimize the oil change procedure in wind turbines.

The OBV 4406 is a complete system to enable oil change in 2 wind turbines during 8 an 8 hour shift.

The OBV carries both heated new filtered oil as well as the old contaminated oil from the turbines.

The OBV is designed and tested in arctic climate and it is powered by the 16 Ampere supply from the wind turbine it performs the service on.

Main advantages of the OBV4406:

  • -Minimizes non-profitable down time of the turbine to <4 Hours for an oil change.
  • -Minimizes the risk of oil spill in sensitive areas.
  • -Greatly improves working environment for service personnel.
  • -Designed for easy transportation in snow conditions by terrain vehicles such as the STV TL5, TL6 and BV206.
  • -Filtration and heating capacity to reach the needed ISO 4406 level and temperature to enable start up as soon as the oil change is completed.