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Hurtigruten Svalbard AS trucked vehicle for demanding arctic terrain!

By 26 March, 2019news

Hurtigruten Svalbard AS has purchased a STV TL-5 to transport tourists in the challenging Arctic terrain of Svalbard. TL5 off-road vehicles is a brand new tracked vehicle with the same flexible size and high capacity as Hägglunds BV 206 but with modern comfort and ergonomics. The high performance is based on the combination of the well-proven and robust Hägglunds BV206 undercarriage with four-belt drive and an extremely low ground pressure combined with the efficient and modern driver environment and the Euro 6 driveline together with an Allison automatic transmission. The large traction in combination with the efficient power transmission provides exceptional accessibility regardless of terrain and surface. The engine’s high torque and low energy losses also give you a very good fuel economy. TL5’s size means that you can transport heavier and larger loads than any other similar vehicle while at the same time low ground pressure means that you maintain the flexibility and minimize impact on the ground. The rugged, spacious and well-insulated Crew cab with six chairs also makes it one of the world’s most comfortable off-road vehicles, both driving and riding.