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Gray camo MLI-USA
Demo wagon for the US defense that we built in 2011 and now bought back. The trolley can also be rented Equipped with a number of extra accessories developed by Hägglunds for display;
Suspended Grammer driver’s seat. Electric tank selector.
Gray / soundproof gray ceiling. New bonnets. New battery box. Fuel Cooling. Diesel heater.
New bands. New cooler and intercooler, new fan system.
Year model 2011 The vehicle is frame controlled (steering using hydraulic cylinders between front and rear carriage) 6 + 1 driver’s seats are located in the front carriage.

Engine: 6 cylinder Steyr, power 135 KW, 184 HP. About 1000 engine hours. Euro IIIb exhaust gas purification.
Transmission automatic, 7 gears
Fuel diesel, 160 liter tank.
Length 7.1 m, Width 1.85 m
Service weight 4440 kg Max load 2000 kg tot (front wagon 600 kg, rear wagon 1400 kg)
Band width 620 mm
Equipped with passenger cabin work lighting, warning lights, Ice armor. Driving belt both front and rear.
Price: 1 236 250 Kr plus VAT.