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Why not invest in new upgraded BV206 with a new vehicle warranty?

Our MLI (Mid Life Improvement) is a well-proven upgrade program for tracked vehicle Bv 206 and it is a unique way to get used tracked vehicle to be like new.

MLI gives you high performance and reliability. Together with BAE Hägglunds, STV has chosen a 6-cylinder Steyr engine or a 4-cylinder option that is optimally fuel-efficient and reliable.
We usually assume that the customer comes to us with a self-purchased tracked vehicle, but you can also get an upgrade including a Bv 206.

If you choose the highest upgrade level you will get a vehicle in new condition with one year warranty or 3000 km at a very competitive price.

Our MLI program consists of new Steyr engine, 6-cylinder turbodiesel or 4-cylinder turbodiesel from General Motors both with new automatic gearbox. Engine replacement for tracked vehicle 206, MLI also involves upgrading of electrical system, fuel system, water and charging air cooling system.In addition, the chassis chassis can be renovated according to the customer’s wishes, equipped with new belts, drive wheels and wheels.
A newly painted body, in and out? We also offer tailor-made, business-optimized extensions such as load exchangers, loading platforms, cranes, various types of modules such as rescue modules etc.
Everything you need to optimize your business.
The end product for you will be a tailor-made vehicle with optimum wear resistance, accessibility, low ground pressure and long life.
Add maximum security through our total responsibility with complete documentation and secured access to service and spare parts.

Please contact us for more information, price, availability at, 0910-290-701 or go to