About STV

A company that is synonymous with quality

STV manufactures new tracked vehicles, upgrades tracked vehicles, rents tracked vehicles and manufactures bodywork such as fixed flat beds, cranes and load changers. STV designs and builds tracked vehicles for all activities where cross-country vehicles are needed. The electric power industry, oil and gas, prospecting, logistics, search-and-rescue are just a few examples.

Did you know that …
… we have supplied specially designed tracked vehicles and bodywork from STV (previously part of Berco) since 1986.
… we have collaborated closely with BAE Systems Hägglunds AB for a long time.
… we have supplied tracked vehicles to all corners of the world, including several polar expeditions, energy companies, medical care, search-and-rescue organisations, research organisations etc.
… the secret behind our high quality level is basically thorough design knowledge, careful component selection and meticulate production checks.
… we help you to care for the environment, by offering products with good fuel economy and low ground pressure.

With our passion for technology, deep understanding of business life and product development that combines productivity, ergonomy and heavy environmental matters to knife-sharp competitive advantage, we constantly open up new avenues for your business!