We can make old BV206 as new again with a new powerpack package from GM or Steyr.

Steyr M16 GM A20DTR Ford 2658E V6 MB OM603.950 (D6) MB OM617.952 (D5)
Diaplacement 3200cc 1956cc 2800cc 2996cc 2998cc
Engine power 135 kW184 HP 120 kW160 HP 99 kW135 HP 100kW137 HP 92kW125 HP
Torgue 450 Nm   (2050 rpm) 400 Nm  (3500 rpm) 216 Nm  (3000 rpm) 255 Nm  (2400 rpm) 250 Nm  (2400 rpm)
Fuel DieselJet fuel Diesel Petrol Diesel Diesel
Gearbox MB W5A-580 GM 4L70E / GM6L70E  W4A-018  W4A-040  W4A-018

The vehicle can be your old BV206 or a vehicle supplied by us.