8 February, 2019 in news

Traction control system for BV206

After market traction control system for BV206, the system hos now been shipped out to the first customers. For more information see the product page http://stvab.se/en/traction-control-system/or the youtube clip: https://youtu.be/xoMMQCF8K70
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9 October, 2018 in news

Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB finalized the latest edition of ISO 9001 and 14001

ISO's flagship of quality management and environmental systems standard has been approved through external audit. It proves that systematically working on improving quality and streamlining operations processes and reducing waste…
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28 August, 2018 in news

Forest fire leads to service and repairs

The Swedish rescue services vehicles and equipment requires service and maintenance after the forest fires in the north of Sweden. Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles AB has carried out a change of…
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Some things are more important than others. Our supply of heating, electricity and other types of energy, for example. Or growth-creating raw materials such as ores and metals. Not to mention our efficient hospital care, fire defence, search and rescue organisations who ensure our security, no matter where we are.

If you work in one of the areas of energy/power generation, oil & gas, logistics, prospecting, fire defence, search-and-rescue etc. it would definitely pay to take a closer look at us, STV, Scandinavian Terrain Vehicles.

For many decades, we have offered enterprise support and competitive advantage to companies and organisations all over the world, in close collaboration with BAE Systems Hägglunds. We do this with two products of utmost world class. These are our unique MLI upgrade programme for the Bv 206, and our equally unique, newly manufactured TL6 tracked vehicle, that is based on the Bv S10.

When you choose one of these vehicles, you make a high-quality and long-term choice. You gain optimum reliability and accessibility. Everything in your new acquisition, from engines and gearboxes to hydraulics and cooling systems, maintains full industry standard. You are offered customised configuration of accessories and bodywork. And you get secure access to service and spare parts for several decades ahead.

To sum up, we offer a guaranteed and thoroughly-tested product with a secure future. Optimised to give you the greatest possible benefit, day after day.